Someone else

We have all been thirsty.  Maybe it was a hot day.  Maybe it was just after a run or a workout.  Maybe you just went a while without drinking anything and you suddenly found yourself parched.  Regardless of why you needed it, when you are extremely thirsty, a drink is extremely refreshing.  It’s almost life giving in a way.  It recharges you and can even snap you out of an exhausted mindset.  A drink of water to an extremely thirsty person is a BIG deal.

Proverbs 11:25 ‘Those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.’

In this verse, King Solomon is talking about being refreshed.  Like getting that cold drink of water when you need it most.  But, the very interesting thing he says here is that getting refreshed personally is tied to you yourself refreshing others.

It appears that when we are selfless for another…when we give and when we share and when we listen and when we serve and when we help and when we do for another…the very act of doing those things opens up our lives to being refreshed ourselves.

Our own ‘refreshment’ is tied to refreshing others.

I wonder if we too often are in search of ways to refresh ourselves and the whole time we could have been looking for opportunities to refresh someone else?

Today, find refreshment in refreshing someone.