For eleven years, Four Unplugged has taken the title of best local band on the Northshore of New Orleans.  Why?  With the news speaking of an uncertain economy, people divided over political ideals and other daunting issues, the band reliably does just the opposite.  For over 20 years, they’ve provided a good time, top entertainment and something fun to come together about.  From parties and receptions to music club stages to sold-out fundraisers at fancy hotels and convention centers, Four Unplugged always puts on a good show.  “We care about making each event special and memorable,” says front man Rick Windhorst.  “We work hard at having a good time so our clients can just relax and have a great time right along with us.”

The band began as a four piece acoustic group – thus the name – but has evolved into a fully plugged-in six piece outfit.  Their song list is versatile with tunes ranging from Sinatra standards to today’s chart toppers, and they play a wide variety of venues in and around New Orleans.  They also have been known to travel as far as Costa Rica and on cruises to Mexico and other tropical ports.  They also represented New Orleans at the Krewe of Louisianians Mardi Gras Ball in Washington D.C. playing to thousands of dignitaries and guests a few years back. Earlier this year, their road trips included a first-time performance at the Order of Disorder Mardi Gras Ball in Orange Beach.

But the favorite out-of-town tradition for the band is the annual trip to Gulf Shores’ FloraBama beach bar.  Hundreds of the band’s followers, or Fourheads, make the party weekend a self-proclaimed Spring Break for adults.  “We’d be nothing without our friends and fans.  It’s the whole reason we do all this.” says Windhorst.  “We appreciate their support so much.”  The music starts on Thursday night, June 7 with an acoustic show inside the FloraBama harkening back to the early days of the band when the original four played in an “unplugged” format.  That performance starts at 10:30 in the Main Bar and features favorites from the 60s and 70s and great sing-alongs.  Friday night’s performance is outside on the tent stage beginning at 6PM and features the current, full band – Rick Windhorst on lead vocals, Jan Windhorst on keyboards and vocals, Kenny Schneider on guitar and vocals, Randy Bidleman on drums, Jimmy Bellew on sax, and Craig Courtney on bass and vocals.   What kind of music might you hear during their sets? You name it.  Current music from Bruno Mars to Ed Sheeran, classic rock from Styx to Fleetwood Mac, Motown, Country, Funk, Foo Fighters, Cold Play, Dance favorites – a great variety of songs spanning 50 years.  And the party starts again, same time, same place on Saturday night.  But don’t make the mistake of thinking the show will be the same.  The band makes a point to repeat only a few of the most requested songs on the second night.

The band and their followers “The Fourheads” have been making the pilgrimage to FloraBama for over 20 years now.  How have the band and their fans been able to do so much partying for three days straight year after year?  They follow Windhorst’s motto – “It’s a marathon, not a sprint!”

So whatever type of music you like, expect good tunes and a good time.  For more info about the band visit them at