Nick Gigliotti, general manager

The first of it’s kind, Groovy Goat aims to stray away from your typical sports bar. Sure they have the game day basics; wings, fried apps and cold draft beer, but the menu goes far beyond that. And the atmosphere makes this venue a perfect choice for game day viewing. 

Groovy Goat opened it’s first location last year and set up shop in Foley’s OWA entertainment district. Since opening it’s doors, Groovy Goat has gained a reputation of being a gathering place for all kinds of fan bases. 

Nick Gigliotti, general manager of Groovy Goat has been by the restaurants side since it opened. Gigliotti is originally from Pittsburgh, PA and was a resident of Orlando for eight years before an opportunity at Groovy Goat came into play. That opportunity is what brought him to the Gulf Coast. 

Gigliotti went to college for hospitality management. He worked with the Friday’s chain for three years and then the Buffalo Wild Wings chain for nine years. Groovy Goat is the newest venue keeping him in the sports bar scene. 

Groovy Goat hired on a renowned chef from Orlando to help create the menu and the rest is history. 

“It all started as a sports bar, but we didn’t want people to think typical sports bar food,” Gigliotti said. “Obviously we offer wings and some fried appetizers and things like that, but we have many other options. Our kitchen is about 90 percent made from scratch, it’s all fresh and we don’t have a walk-in freezer here. We make our own sauces, pasta sauces and everything.”

The freshness and quality of the menu isn’t the only thing keeps customers coming back to Groovy Goat. The restaurant is equipped with TV’s on every wall, allowing game day patrons to view any game possible. 

“We want to be the place to be to watch all your favorite games,” Gigliotti said. “We will show every college football game. If it’s on TV, we’ll have it because we have every sport package there is.”

Not only does Groovy Goat display college game, they have NFL games also. 

“We also have ESPN plus, so we’ll be able to play those games that are streaming.”

Groovy Goat has drink and food specials throughout the season and prizes and give-aways as well.

The venue is also starting up a loyalty program in the next week for locals who vacate Groovy Goat for game days. “Customers can earn money while spending money,” Gigliotti noted. 

Not only is Gigliotti general manager of Groovy Goat, he also is proud to have a hand in it’s creation.

“My personal favorite thing about having a restaurant in this area is the fact that I had a hand in creating it,” Gigliotti said. “We had to create the employee handbook, menu, the way we do things, everything. But , we’re hoping this is the fist of many. Helping create and have my input is what makes this awesome for me. 

Groovy Goat is located at OWA at 106 S. OWA Blvd A in Foley.