When we think about the women that brighten the stages at the Flora-Bama night after night,  Rhonda Hart, Donna Slater, Elaine Petty, Sandra Laird, Lea Anne Creswell come to mind. We love those women who belt out cover numbers from country and western, folk, rock and blues to locals, tourists and snowbirds.

Oh, and a little known bass player by the name of Cathy Pace. Yeah, she comes to mind, too.

To be more accurate, the veteran bassist may be the unofficial queen of the ‘Bama, having played the Listening Room, The Dome Stage and the Tent Stage for decades with all (and more) of the aforementioned legends of the ‘Bama.

For a time, Pace was a member of Jezebel’s Chill’n, a four-piece band that was a staple at the ‘Bama for several years. These days, on any given night, Pace can be joined on stage in the popular listening room by Jason Justice, Jonathan Newton, Jack Robertson (aka “Big Earl”) and many more.

Along with her solid bass line, Pace also brings her brand of humor to the stage. Whether it’s interacting with the crowd with her hilarious one-liners, elbowing with fellow musicians on stage or flat out poking fun at certain longtime locals. But, for Pace, it’s all in good fun and just part of the job. These days, Pace can be found with Elaine Petty on the Main Stage at the ‘Bama as Petty and Pace. But they’ve also earned a following at Delta Blue Bar and Grill in the heart of Gulf Shores, Ala. Even more recently, Pace and friends have been gigging along Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

But fear not, Pace fans. Cathy and her bass guitar (and her fellow musicians) will be back in town just in time for the Interstate Mullet Toss and Gulf Coast’s Greatest Beach Party. Well, we can only hope!