To Meet Jesus

The final of the 4 Gospel accounts of Jesus’ life is named after the author and one of the disciples, John.  Though John is not named within the Gospel, he does refer to himself as ‘the one whom Jesus loved’ several times.  This close friendship that he had with Jesus makes John’s Gospel unique in many ways and is possibly the best of all places for the biblically illiterate to begin their Spiritual journey to knowing Jesus.

The very first chapter of John records Simon Peter’ journey to knowing Jesus.

We read in John 1 and verse 42 where Peter first met Jesus the Messiah…and the rest is history.  Peter went on to become a person synonymous with Jesus, the Gospel and is often looked at as a leader and a hero in the Christian faith.

But, you can’t read about that very first moment that Peter and Jesus met without first being introduced to a man named Andrew.  You see, Andrew was the one who introduced Peter to Jesus.  He was Peter’s brother and had heard about Jesus from John the Baptist. Once he heard who Jesus was, he immediately began following Him.  Once Andrew went back to and found his brother Peter, verse 42 states that, “Andrew brought Simon to meet Jesus.”

Andrew brought his brother to meet Jesus.

It wasn’t enough for Andrew that he had seen and heard Jesus, he HAD to follow Him. But it wasn’t enough for Andrew to have followed Him, he HAD to go tell Peter about Him.  But it wasn’t enough for Andrew to tell Peter about Him, he HAD to introduce Peter to Jesus.

For Andrew it seems that following Jesus and introducing people to Jesus went hand in hand.  It was the very first thing Andrew did after following Jesus.

Today, let the actions of Andrew speak to you in a deep and life changing way.

And may we, today, bring someone to meet Jesus.