Chris Warner, a resident of Perdido Key, Florida, and author of five books about the noted haunt on the Alabama-Florida Line has lifted from the scribbled walls of the iconic pump house a collection of over 500 brief, brilliant bursts of life…“If the Walls Could Talk.”

“The Flora-Bama has been aptly called, ‘A museum of bad decisions.’  Patriarch Joe Gilchrist always referred to it as ‘My little insane asylum by the sea.’  Whatever the descriptor or moniker, the Flora-Bama remains the quintessential bucket list destination for revelers far and wide.”

Warner has also authored “Bushwhacked at the Flora-Bama,” (History of Flora-Bama with Joe Gilchrist), “Saved at the Alabama-Florida Line” (Nominated: Best Piece of Fiction by an Alabama Author, Alabama Library Association, 2017), “They Met at the Alabama-Florida Line” (Novel number two) and “Food N’ Fun at the Flora-Bama” (cookbook).

“A bachelor or bachelorette party gone wild; a wedding; bar mitzvah; or funeral; a fundraiser for the blind and indigent; a mullet toss; a polar bear dip; a chili cook off; or just for a sit and a sip.  The reasons they come are as varied as they are vast, and in many ways people ostensibly make or leave their mark at the iconic Flora-Bama on the Alabama-Florida Line.”

“Because of its worldwide popularity and far-encompassing draw, the Flora-Bama is a quintessential bucket list item; and when folks finally make it to the legendary pump house on the Line they want to leave their name as proof of the party.  Most vow to return to the scene to show friends where they made their lasting mark.  Some sign their name and date.  Some etch their home town or city.  Others leave more…much more…moving words of wisdom, wonder and wit…things you would likely never read or even think of, except inside the inescapable wormhole of fun…the World-Famous Flora-Bama Lounge & Package.”

“This book provides a nether-worldly glimpse into the collective psyche of one of the United States of America’s most popular beachside bars.  It is a collection of interesting, funny, often raunchy, sometimes honest and always hilarious writings on the vast and encompassing wall space of the world-famous Flora-Bama.” “Listen up and laugh y’all!”

“I love the nights I can’t remember and the friends I can’t forget!”

“This place is  the second best thing in the world!”

“I heard what you did for a bushwhacker.  Call me!”

This book was inspired by the Flora-Bama’s fun-loving patrons and an article written by’s Brian Kelly on March 6, 2014, titled, “Did You Write That?”

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