By Kelly Baughman

You may not have heard of Jamie Robertson yet, but you will. She’s spent her life encouraging and giving back to the people of Baldwin County and to her multi-faceted husband Jack aka Big Earl (also featured in this issue of Perdido Key Live), but now she’s turning her passion into a flourishing career that is helping Gulf Coast residents live their best life.
Originally from south Louisiana and a graduate of LSU, Robertson went on to get a Master’s in speech therapy from South Eastern University. Working as a speech therapist in the Baldwin County School system for the past seven years, Robertson found a passion in yoga and knew she wanted to explore deeper into that part of her life.
Always into fitness, Robertson spent much of 20’s as a self-pro-claimed gym rat who worked as an aerobics instructor. After coming out of a spin class at her local gym, a chance encounter changed the course of her life forever.
“I’m type A when it comes to fitness, and yoga never really crossed my mind. I was coming out of the gym and saw someone offering a class. My friend and I thought we’d try it, and I fell in love,” Robertson said.
The class that changed her life was a Power Yoga class, a vigorous, fitness-based approach to vinyasa-style yoga. “I didn’t realize there were so many types of yoga from very slow, relaxing yoga to difficult and powerful yoga,” she recalled. Robertson became a student of various types of yoga for the next several years, opting to become a certified instructor herself.
At the urging of a friend, Robertson viewed a space at The Wharf in Orange Beach and bought the domain name of Orange Beach Yoga. “I didn’t really have intentions of opening my own studio, but now it makes sense. It was a very important part of the big picture for me,” she said.
Robertson has taken her business plan in a unique direction as she has partnered with restaurants in the area for yoga classes and events that introduce people who may be intimidated to step into a yoga “studio” to a no pressure or commitment class that she makes fun and beneficial. Robertson said she even incorporates music into her sessions as it has been an influential and important part of her life.
In addition, Robertson has made Orange Beach Yoga a “private event” yoga service, offering specialized classes for bachelorette parties, bridal parties, and in home, condo, and beach classes for tourists and locals alike. “Being able to provide them with an experience that is private and makes them feel special is what I aim to do. I do whatever I can to make their experience there make them feel like VIP’s,” Robertson said.
Robertson also started a new endeavor called Dialed In Living, a venture she started with Flora-Bama’s Marketing Director Jenifer Parnell, which hosts events that promote personal development. Her Dialed In Women Gulf Coast is a group of 50 women who are on the quest for personal growth and expansion through social learning seminars. “We’ve already hosted 4 events that featured guest speakers that touch on what may be holding you back from living your best life. It’s all about empowerment,” she said.
Their first ticketed empowerment event will be held in October, and will feature 3 fantastic guest speakers. Tickets are limited and will go on sale soon.
In addition, Robertson also created the Gulf Coast Youth Mindfulness Project to teach parents, teachers, and kids social, emotional, and stress management skills after realizing the power of relaxation and stress relief she found in yoga. “I started thinking about all the kids who suffer from anxiety issues, but don’t know how to cope or deal with it. I wish someone had taught me ways to center myself when I was young, so that’s what I want to implement in our schools,” she said.
Robertson said she believes that if kids learn how to breathe and mentally center themselves, most of their symptoms can be eliminated. “I think our children can really benefit from learning to cope with anxiety, and I hope to be able to reach many more young people in our school system in the future,” she said.
You can catch Robertson or another instructor on the Orange Beach Yoga team leading classes every week at The Flora-Bama Ole River Grill on Fridays at 9 am, Buzz Cats on Saturdays at 8:30 am, and Tuesdays at 5:30 pm at Bear Point near Bear Point Marina. These weekly classes are rain or shine and there are indoor options for use in the event of bad weather. Keep up with the schedule on social media and the Orange Beach Yoga website. More locations will be added over the coming months, so check in for updates.
Robertson will be teaching a yoga and live music class on May 7th at 9 am at the Ole River Grill with Perdido Key Live’s own Destiny Brown as the featured musician.
Jamie’s passion for inspiring people to believe in themselves no matter where they are in their journey is what sets her apart from the rest.
Smart and kind with and entrepreneur’s spirit, Robertson said, “I have high expectations of myself in everything I do. I’m finally able to make a living pursuing my passions, and that’s a great place to be. I’m very blessed to be a part of a place like Orange Beach that cares so much about art, performing arts, and the community. My goal is to continue to bring the tools to the community to help everyone be the best version of themselves.”
For more information, visit or call 251-752-8090.