(Pictured above)  John McInnis III owner of the Flora-Bama involved in hurricane relief.

I was standing at Joe’s Rum Hut the other day chatting with owner Joe DeCourcy, and he said something that really struck me. “Laurance Rockefeller created St. John,” he said, “and Kenny Chesney is saving it.” And from what I’ve seen over the past several weeks, that statement is pretty darn true.

Let’s rewind back to Friday, September 8th, two days after Hurricane Irma struck St. John. Most of the island was barely able to get cell service other than some spotty communication over near Ronnie’s Pizza in Cruz Bay. I was able to get a few messages to and from my parents, and I remember getting one in particular from my dad (who affectionately refers to himself as “Papa News”). It read, “Kenny’s team is coming. You’re all going to be ok.”

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