My wife recently found a remote that we were sure was never to be found again.
Several months ago, our TV remote disappeared. We looked in all the usual spots but it wasn’t there. We looked under everything. It wasn’t there. We looked in the couch, the chairs, behind pillows. Nope. Nowhere to be found.
Then, we ventured into bedrooms.
We looked in toy boxes and under beds. We looked in drawers and closet corners.
So, we gave up.

In the Bible’s New Testament book called Luke, Luke documents a moment where Jesus is teaching. He is telling a parable. Jesus often taught people in story form to help people understand Spiritual Truths. We call these stories, parables.
The parable he tells in Luke chapter 15 verse 8-10 is about a woman who has lost a coin. She had 10, but she is now frantically looking everywhere in her home to find the coin that she has lost.
The story goes that she does not stop looking until she finds it. And when she does, she gathers all her friends and neighbors to celebrate finding her lost coin.

When my wife called to tell me that she had found the remote in the magazine bin that was next to the couch, we both laughed. How did we NOT look there?
You see, we had completely given up on our lost remote.

Have you ever felt like you were lost in life?
Has someone you loved lost their way?

The parable of the Lost Coin that Jesus taught reminds us that He never gives up looking for those who may have lost their way in life.
He has never given up and He will never give on you or anyone else.

Others may have given up on you.
You may even have given up on others.
God will never will.