By Kelly Baughman

With New Year’s resolutions in full swing, make 2019 the best year yet with the help of Perdido Key’s newest medical clinic, Mind Body & Soul Medical located at 12385 Sorrento Rd Suite A-4, to make you feel renewed inside and out.
With a mission of empowering people to explore and make educated decisions about healthcare options that include traditional, alternative, and intuitive medicine along with an aesthetics clinic to make the outer you match the beautiful soul within, Mind Body & Soul Medical is a one stop shop for feeling your best in 2019.
Owner Marlee Bruno, M.M.S., PA-C, has a combined total of ten years of experience in emergency medicine, primary care, internal medicine, pediatrics, cosmetic surgery, and aesthetic medicine. “I found that with the number of patients I was seeing on a day to day basis in a traditional ER setting, I only had a few seconds with each one. I wanted a more hands on, one on one experience for my patients because that really makes a difference in the outcome of their care,” she said.
While the clinic will be offering things like, medical weight loss, Botox, micro-needling, fillers, etc, the practice will also focus on integrative medicine with a more holistic approach.
“When you go to your primary care doctor, generally you’ll get 7-10 minutes on average to address all of your issues. We will be giving patients one hour appointments to discuss in depth their issues physically and mentally so that I can come up with an individualized treatment plan that will hopefully be able to remove some of the prescription drugs from their daily routine and replace them with more natural solutions and lifestyle modifications,” Bruno said.
Bruno said the mind body connection is an important factor that traditional practices seem to leave out. “Our bodies are fascinating machines that are capable of healing themselves. Stress, toxic situations that surround us, negativity, and poor lifestyle choices are making us sick physically. If I can help someone modify their environment and stress levels, mental clarity generally leads to physical healing. It’s an up and coming approach, but I can attest that it works,” she said.
Bruno said that while she’s a scientifically driven biologist, everything changed for her after reading the book ‘Mind Over Medicine’ by Lissa Rankin. With pharmaceutical prices soaring, Bruno saw the primarily unnecessary push of expensive drugs on patients and began her research on alternative options.
“Patients are told that prescription drugs are the only way to cure an ailment. With the mentality of continuing to eat unhealthily and refusing exercise and just taking a pill in regards to a condition like diabetes, it may keep someone alive, but changing those lifestyle habits and finding natural ways to cope are much more beneficial and may cure the patient entirely rather than keeping it at bay,” Bruno added.
And while she believes wholeheartedly in new and alternative approaches to traditional medicine, Bruno said she’s never opposed to treating a patient with prescription drugs if need be in a situation. “I’m first and foremost patient driven and will provide a plan for each individual as needed. I will combine all types of treatments to achieve optimum health inside and out, mentally and physically.”
In addition to integrative medicine, medical weight loss, and aesthetic treatments, Mind Body & Soul Medical will offer Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Unlike conventional prescription hormones, bioidentical hormones structure and function are exactly the same as naturally-occurring estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.
Administered by either a topical cream or a tiny rice sized pellet inserted under the skin, this hormone therapy treatment can help both men and women combat hot flashes, night sweats, irritability weakness, fatigue, depression, and decreased libido. They have also been shown to slow the aging process and decrease the incidence of cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and certain cancers.
Mind Body & Soul Medical’s Grand Opening is set for January 2nd, with a ribbon cutting ceremony with the Perdido Key Chamber of Commerce on January 9th at 3 pm. Grand Opening specials will include $9/unit Xeomin, $50 off fillers, and Mind Body & Soul Medical will always honor a 10% military discount.
According to Bruno, “I want to give the power of healing back to the patient. Making the patient the pilot of their own health, using medical professionals as the co-pilots, makes for a more well-rounded and long term solution to health as a whole.”
With reviews from patients that praise Bruno with words like “Marlee was the third Dr. who I’ve had do my Xeomin/Botox and she will be the ONLY one I let do it from now on”, “She’s the patch Adams of Perdido”, and “It’s like having a healthcare provider who knows all about medicine but is also your best friend, your life coach, and your biggest fan! You won’t find this anywhere else”, it’s easy to see why Mind Body & Soul Medical is worth a look for your medical needs in Perdido Key.
For more information on Marlee Bruno, Mind Body & Soul Medical or to make an appointment for a medical consultation or any of the available procedures, visit or call 850-466-2766.