By Kelly Baughman

Photo by Dee Horton Sanders

Seeing a powerful woman with a songwriter’s heart, a strong voice, and the instrumental talent to back it up is a rare combination, and local singer/songwriter Christina Christian has it all, bringing her all-American good looks, sultry voice, and incredible songwriting to every stage she graces.  Her sound is unique, and you can hear the influences of country, rock, bluegrass and more in each note she plays and the depth of her soul in every word she writes.  

At just 25, Christian has been in the music scene most of her life.  An Alabama native from the community of Mifflin near Wolf Bay, she learned to play 3 basic chords on the guitar at the age of 8, which led to her first attempt at songwriting.  At 16, her skills had developed both lyrically and musically, and she knew that music would be her path.  

Wanting to live a “normal” life, she left home for college where she pursued a degree in music.  Christian said her path took an unexpected turn when her favorite Professor, Mr. Smith, gave her a piece of advice she never forgot.  “This guy was the real deal.  He worked with Michael Jackson.  He said, ‘You don’t need a degree to be in the music industry.’” Christian recalled.

Taking those words to heart, Christian decided to leave college a year later and try her hand at making a name for herself in music.  Since then, she has written and recorded numerous songs and records, including her stand out track “Quirky Little Thing” on her latest album ‘Silent Sea’.  She’s opened for acts like Maggie Rose, Jana Kramer, Cassadee Pope, Tyler Farr, and The Henningsens.  Christian has toured all over the Gulf Coast and major cities like Nashville and Chicago, but calls Perdido Key home.

Christian spends her time writing songs with her husband, Nick Biebricher, to create relatable, personal, folksy music that reflect the influences of her personal idols James Taylor, Brandi Carlile, Holly Williams, and more.  Christian says she draws her inspiration for a song from every aspect of her life.  “I used to think I’d written it all.  Boy was I wrong.  So now with Tucker, my one month old baby, and my husband Nick, my life is full of love…and the details are abundant,” Christian said.  

She went on to say that many of her friends have inspired her songs, be it with an experience or a catch phrase.  “Any phrase or word can spark me into writing a new song.  Sometimes you just hear something that has a ring to it, and the rest just comes naturally.”  

Christian said her album, ‘Silent Sea’, is a lifetime achievement for her.  “My husband Nick Biebricher and my friend and fellow musician Justin Fobes were instrumental in helping me get my stories into song.  They made it happen by producing and engineering the album, and it was a group effort,” Christian said.

As a new mother, the late nights in music may be tough, but Christian is finding ways to juggle her love for music and her joy of motherhood.  “I stay busy with the Sandy Roots Concert Series where my performances will continue through July.  After that I’ll be performing at Moe’s in Orange Beach, San Bar at San Roc Cay, The Gulf, and I’ll be judging the talent show this year at the Shrimp Festival.  Then I’ll be sharing my original work at the Pensacola Beach Songwriters Fest and the Frank Brown International Songwriter’s Festival,” said Christian.

As for new material, Christian said, “The fall is filled with good times and new music for me, so I’m excited.  I will be shooting a music video soon for my new single set to release this fall, so stay tuned!”

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