(Press Release)

Before the end of the year, 11 city streets will be repaved as the Orange Beach City Council voted unanimously Tuesday, Oct. 17, to approve a low bid of $428,980 to Asphalt Services, Inc.

With the original bid for eight streets coming in under budget at $392,460, three more were added for $36,520 following a recommendation from the Public Works Department.  The other bids for the resurfacing of eight streets came from ACE, Inc. at a cost of $468,119.70 and R&S Paving at $476,500.

The 2017 Roadway Resurfacing Project includes the following:

  • Captains Cove subdivision (North End)
  • Compass Lane
  • Regatta Lane
  • County Road 4
  • Look Rook
  • Jackson Street
  • Harbor Road
  • Mulligan Place subdivision

Three additional streets: 

  • C Avenue
  • D Avenue
  • Lee Avenue