We can get ourselves into some pretty sticky situations.  At times, we may wonder why God ‘did this’ or ‘did that’ to us?  We may even want to blame our situation on our spiritual enemy, the devil.  But the truth is, often times (not always of course) we have a way of getting ourselves into trouble without the help of anyone else.  

This is where we find the Jewish people in the book of Ezekiel.  They have been invaded and overrun by Babylon and around 10,000 of them have been exiled to a community around 100 miles south of Babylon called Tel-abib.  They are in some serious trouble. 

And why?

Rebellion.  Sin.  Disobedience.  

They did it to themselves and now they are paying the price for their actions.  

But, God has not abandoned them.  He is not through with them yet.  

In fact, He is working in a way that only God can…He is working supernaturally on the inside of them. 

You see, God could have just come down and fixed their whole situation.  He could have freed them.  He could have strengthened them to defeat the Babylonians.  He could have done any number of things to get Israel out of captivity and back on their feet.  

But instead God went to work on where it matters MOST.  

We read in the 36th chapter:  

‘And I will give you a new heart, and I will put a new spirit in you. I will take out your stony, stubborn heart and give you a tender, responsive heart. ‘ Ezekiel 36:26 nlt

Often times when our problem just gets fixed, it’s really not fixed is it?  

The problem still exists; we are just no longer in danger or in trouble.  

So God, in His infinite wisdom, goes to work on Israel’s heart.

When we find ourselves in trouble or in pain or in grief or in…well…anything we don’t want to be in, we often ask God to get us out.  

Like, as soon as possible.  

And when it doesn’t happen we are angry or confused.  

Almost always, the reason is that we are looking for God to be at work where we want Him to be rather than where he needs to be working.

He is at work giving us a new heart and he is taking out our hard heart.  He is dealing with our stubbornness and our pride.  

That is where the real problem lives…inside of us.  

Today, be aware of the work that God might be doing inside of your heart rather than just being quick to ask Him to ‘fix’ all your problems.