“In the beginning…”
These are the very first few words of the Hebrew Scriptures. The very first words of a beautiful ancient poem which has come to be known as the first chapter of the ‘book’ of Genesis. Genesis meaning “Origin” or “In beginning.” Genesis is the first book in what the Christian Church refers to as the Old Testament. The word testament meaning “Covenant.” The word covenant meaning “An Agreement.”
Genesis is a fascinating gathering of writings. It is broken up into 50 chapters. A beginning poem, a history of the Hebrew people, oral traditions that made it to pen and paper, the detailing of families and communities, creation, destruction, good, evil, death, life…
This compelling piece of ancient literature begins, well, “In the beginning…”

Today is a kind of beginning, isn’t it?
The start of something new.
The start of something unknown.

Genesis 1 goes on to say:
“…God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was formless and empty.” (NLT)
Formless and empty. Nothing.
And from nothing, in a way only a masterfully written poem is able, it beautifully reveals that God creates.
Light. Sky. Sea. Land. Vegetation. Stars. Moons. Planets. Creatures. Birds. Humanity.
All from nothing. All from empty.

This poem goes on to say that humanity was created in the image of the God that created all things. We were created in God’s image. In God’s likeness.
The image and likeness of the Creator. Created by the creator to be like the creator.
To create.

This day, this week, the rest of this year, is yet to be created. It is empty. It is formless.
But it will not stay this way.
Our movements and our stillness. Our decisions and our interactions. Our judgements and our vices. Our charity and our work. Our tone and our words. Our prejudices and our acceptances.
Our right turns and our lefts.
These and more will create.
We will create our today. Our tomorrow. Our year.
We will turn nothing into something.
We will fill the empty.
So, fill it with beauty and with joy.
Fill it with love and with laughter. With art, song, dance, generosity, acceptance and forgiveness.
You were created in the Creators image.