What Is Faith…Really?
“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” This is Hebrews 11:1. There are things I have hoped for that I do not see yet, but I have “faith” that they will come to pass. I don’t understand how God is going to work it all out. But I have faith He will. I don’t know exactly when it is going to happen. But I know it will. Faith is ABSOLUTE TRUST. Absolute Trust in a God who is Absolutely Trustworthy.
But there is more…
There is a list of people in this chapter that have come to sometimes be called ‘The Hall of Faith.’ It first shares their names and then goes on to describe the faith that they had. What’s most interesting to me about this is the way in which it is written. Below is a listing, but go read Hebrews 11 for yourself today:
By Faith Abel Brought….
By Faith Noah Built…
By Faith Abraham Obeyed…
By Faith Abraham Offered…
By Faith the people of Israel Went…
By Faith the people of Israel Marched…

Now these are not the only people talked about in this chapter. However, what’s most interesting to me about this specific list of people is that it appears that Faith and Taking Action are synonymous. They had faith; therefore, they took action. They took action because they had faith. Hand-in-hand linked together.
Maybe it could be said that faith is trusting God so much that it causes us to take action.
What action?
An action that is in direct correspondence to the thing you are asking of God and trusting Him to do.
Noah believed that God was actually going to send a flood…so be built a boat.
Abraham actually believed that God would show him a new place to live and start his family…so be packed up and left, not knowing where to go.

What are you believing God will do?
What are you trusting God for?
Whatever it is, if you truly trust that it is what God is promising you, go take action.
Go do something.
Faith doesn’t sit back and wait.
Faith Brings. Faith Builds. Faith Marches. Faith Does. Faith Goes.
Today, let us be people of faith. Trusting God SO much that it causes us to take action.