It seems like it has been a long time coming, but March is finally here. The water is starting to warm up and this gives hope for some great fishing. March is normally one of the best months of the year for sheepshead fishing.
Spawning will be ending soon and they will start getting ready for the trip out to deeper water for the summer. When this happens, the fishing action can be very good with a lot of the fish being in the large class. They will normally take a live shrimp or a fiddler crab very aggressively. Some people like to use ghost shrimp, which can be difficult to catch. Some places do sell frozen ghost shrimp and that can be a more practical solution so you can spend more time fishing and less time chasing bait. Some like using clams and barnacles. Some use a small piece of spawn mesh to help hold it to the hook.
I prefer the live shrimp and fiddler crabs myself. The fish like them and they are easy to use. Some days you can make your shrimp last longer by cutting them into smaller pieces. One inch pieces work well when the fishing action is good on sheepshead. 
The fishing from the surf has been slower than a person would like. A few whiting (southern kingfish) and some pompano are still being caught on shrimp and fish bites. Fish bites are easy to use and you don’t have to worry about a heavy bucket or trying to keeping them alive. A few bull reds have been caught in the surf but the good action on them is still to come. It should not be to much longer when the good action starts.
Grey trigger fish is now open. With not having a season on them last year, I know people who are more than ready to go after them. With the weather being what it has been, it has been very tough to get out in the gulf but hopefully that will change.

As always, Good luck!
Be safe and thanks for reading
Capt. Scot