By Destiny Brown


If you’re looking for an icy fruity treat while taking a break from one of those hot beach days, look no further. There are a handful of fruity choices at the beach whether you’re looking for a blended smoothie with all of your favorite fruits or an Acai bowl spilling with colorful toppings that leave you feeling like your doing your body a favor.



Picnic Beach

One of the newest venues to the Island, Picnic Beach, has been opened less than two months and is becoming one of the most talked about venues on the Island. With faux grass inside and outside the restaurant, the “picnic” vibe is completed with white picnic tables, assorted flowers on each table and a menu that is perfect for a quick in-an-out picnic style dining experience.

Picnic Beach offers a variety of smoothies, cold press juices and Acai bowls on the menu. Fresh ingredients like pineapples, strawberries, melons, and many other fruits are blended with coconut water, almond milk, or many other choices. If you’re wanting to add a little something extra to your smoothies or cold press juice, you can add vodka, tequila or rum to any concoction for a small up charge. The Acai Bowls are heaping with healthy toppings and add-ons are available for $1 extra and include healthy goodies like bee pollen, hemp seeds, pea protein, flax seeds and much more.

Picnic Beach is located at 128 W 1st Ave. in Gulf Shores.


Soul Bowlz

Acai Bowls are packed with nutritional and wholesome goodness. Soul Bowlz mixes fresh fruits with no ice, no dairy and no processed sugars for a treat that’s good for your body, spirit and mind. Soul Bowlz has a wide variety of super fruits like Acerola and Graviola, which are excellent sources of vitamins and nutrients for your body, Choose from a variety of delicious a healthy toppings from granola to coconut shavings and more, all drizzled with local honey.

Soul Bowlz also offers a large menu of smoothies that are made with fresh blended fruits and healthy additions like acai, mango juice and many more options.

Soul Bowlz is located at Rouses Shopping Center at 1545 Gulf Shores Pkwy. In Gulf Shores.



Orange Beach Cafe

This beachside venue is very convenient for those just getting off the beach for a quick smoothie run. Located in the heart of Orange Beach, Orange Beach Cafe is one newer names to the area. Treat yourself to one of the many choices of smoothies that include fresh fruits and ingredients or order up an acai bowl. The Power Bowl is loaded up with hemp, granola, shredded coconut, banana, chia, blueberry and honey to be sure to cover all of your cravings. Orange Beach Cafe is located at 25741 Perdido Beach Blvd Suite M. in Orange Beach.


Southern Grind

With a second location recently opened t Hotel Indigo in Orange Beach and another at The Wharf, you can now get your panini, smoothie and latte fixes at both ends of Orange Beach. Southern Grind is known for their top-notch beverages which range from cappuccinos to lattes to smoothies. Smoothie flavors change daily.