When Life or Too Many Cocktails Get You Down, Plug In To Relief At enrG-IV

By Kelly Baughman

Whether you’re feeling run down and sick from the pressures of everyday life, have a pounding head from spring breaking a little too hard, or just need an energizing pick me up, enrG-IV can be your saving grace. Located at 3009 Loop Rd. Unit 4 in Orange Beach and at 1506 North McKenzie Street in Foley, enrG-IV is a functional medical clinic specializing in Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Therapy designed to treat various ailments naturally with zero down time.
IV Vitamin Therapies effectively provide relief, healing, and recovery for people with health concerns ranging anywhere from dehydration, all the way to chronic illness. Vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are delivered directly into the bloodstream via IV drip. The nutrients are completely absorbed due to bypassing the digestive system resulting in faster, longer lasting hydration, detoxification, and restored system balance.
While traditional medicine works to relieve current symptoms, functional medicine seeks to treat the root of the problem within the body even before the symptoms begin. Functional medicine does not replace traditional medicine, but rather works hand in hand with it to view the body as one integrated machine versus individual organs or systems. So, what can functional medicine treat?
There are countless examples of health issues that functional medicine can help relieve. Lack of energy, inflammation, diabetes, hypothyroidism, auto immune disorders, and fibromyalgia are just a few examples of conditions that can benefit from enrG-IV treatments. In addition, cancer patients and autistic patients have also reported increased health benefits from this treatment option.
The staff included medical experts trained in both traditional and functional medical treatments, and all visits include an extensive medical history and physical assessment, as well as dietary and supplement recommendations, all tailored to the individual’s needs.
Dr. Melanie Miller, enrG-IV’s head physician, said that after being the victim of a car accident herself, she experienced chronic pain for nearly two years. She reluctantly began acupuncture therapy, and within ten visits, she felt better than with any other treatment she had tried over the years. For Dr. Miller, the proof was in the pudding. She not only believes in the treatment she provides her patients at enrG-IV, she uses them herself to this day.

Dr. Miller said there are several IV drip choices for patients depending on their needs. The Myers Cocktail targets fatigue and jet lag, the Rising Star helps enhance performance, speed up recovery, and even increase your libido, with adequate hydration and nutrients, and the Never Again treats those nasty hangover symptoms with hydration and vitamin replacement if the party was just a little too fun.

While receiving your treatment, you can relax a rehydrate in your own private room or you can socialize with your friends in the lounge or oxygen bar. Drip sessions last anywhere from 20-60 minutes, all while relaxing in comfortable recliners, with flat screen TVs with WI-FI.

For more information or to book your appointment now, visit www.enrgiv.com, call 251-240-0842, or info@enrgiv.com.

Right now, enrG-IV is offering Spring specials like Two for Tuesday, a 30-minute massage and 30-minute oxygen session for just $65 (a $95 value). Other specials include the Bikini Body, a Vitamin Infusion with B12 and Vibra-Trim to get you beach body ready for $159 (a $210 value), and the Just Because, a 30-minute massage, IV drip, and oxygen therapy session for $169 (a $250 value).