By Destiny Brown

“Support. Strengthen. Grow.” These are three words that the Women Entrepreneurs of Coastal Alabama aim to abide by. The group was recently formed on the Alabama Gulf Coast and is in the process of recruiting more and more business owners who have at least one thing in common; being a woman.

At each group meeting, individuals cenergize their efforts in a variety of business related topics. Hiring employees, marketing themselves up against major chain shores and how to advertise are a few obstacles every small business owner tends to struggle with. This group congregates and talks about how to promote their respected business and utilize everyones knowledge. Brainstorming to solve solutions to problems, sharing positives and negatives of their working environment and boosting each other are the key values to this all womens group. But it’s more than just business, it’s friendship.


Nina Martin

Sunset Corkroom Restaurant and Wine Bar

“You’re Evening Begins at Sunset”

Nina Martin was the original idea behind the Womens group. She began recruiting women business owners at the beginning of the year and has since recruited over 10 permanent members.

Martin opened Sunset Corkroom in 2004 right before Hurricane Ivan struck the Coast. She originally opened a retail wine shop and her daughter was moving to the area to open a beach bar. Once the retail store was opened, Martin turned it into a wine bar and Sunset Corkroom was born. “It’s more of a local hangout than a tourist spot,” Martin said. “However, we really enjoy the tourists being able to find us.” The Corkroom has food, wine and local entertainment. They specialize in steaks, but also serve fish, pastas, and wines from around the world. “We have great wine, great food and even better friendships,” Martin said. Sunset Corkroom is located at 225 E 16th Ave. in Gulf Shores.


Pam Elledge

Eden Spa and Salon

“Let Us Pamper You”

Pam Elledge opened her very first spa in Gulf Shores 18 years ago as Spa of Eden. “I was a hairdresser and did facials and I wanted a place where you could go and have everything,” Elledge said. She now has one location in Orange Beach and it is the sole salon she owns. Eden Spa and Salon offers hair, nails, facials, massage, body wraps, eyelash extensions and more! “Meeting the people is my favorite thing and of course, playing beauty shop,” Elledge said. She has independent contractors as employees and during the summer, they almost double. Eden Spa and Salon is located at 25741 Perdido Beach Blvd. in Orange Beach.


Renee Graham

The Wax Room

“We’re Almost Finished”

Renee Graham had been in upper management for 20 years and managed over 2000 units in 5 states before she found her passion in waxing. When she returned from a five year stint in the middle east, she came back refreshed and decided she wanted to do something she liked to do. After getting licensed, she found her true calling in waxing.

“My favorite thing is the people,” Graham said. “Most of the people who come to me are happy with their results. “ The Wax Room offers complete body waxing, Brazilians, bikinis, eyebrows, backs, and she services males and females. Graham is the sole employee at her business and she doesn’t plan on opening more stores in the future. “I am happy just like I am. I enjoy what I do and have a great business and enough people to fill my day. It doesn’t depend on spring breakers or snowbirds, it’s local people,” Graham said. The Wax Room is located at 1574 Gulf Shores Pkwy. in Gulf Shores.


Glenna Grant

Stephanie Rhodes

Agape Juices

“Nourish Your Body, Mind and Spirit”

When duo Glenna Grant and Stephanie Rhodes got together in August 2017, they were on a mission to get people on a healthier lifestyle track through the correct nutrients. Both women had lost family members to cancer and other diseases and during that process it was very hard to hear the doctors tell them to just ‘go get a milkshake.’ They began doing extensive research on how to help their loved ones through juicing. “If the nutrients that you’re getting are no good, then you cant fight it. We both believe that the body can heal itself through the right vitamins and nutrients and sustain it. If we nourish it from the inside out, it can fight diseases,” Rhodes said. Agape Juices is located in a one stop health facility. The building offices a Crossfit, chiropractor, and juice bar. “We offer smoothies, cold-press organic juices, and add things little by little to the menu.  We have smoked chicken salad, Mediterranean style tuna, and recently added our own version of bullet proof coffee,” Grant said. The business is geared to helping people eat better and change their lifestyle. There isn’t another business in Baldwin County that serves organic, cold-pressed juices. The company plans to expand in the future. Agape Juices is located at 7369 Alamo Circle in Gulf Shores.


Dorothy Reid

Buns in the Sun

“Home of the Steamed Bun”

When a shopping center space came open in Orange Beach, Dorothy Reid jumped at the chance to put her restaurant ideas into motion. Her oldest son went to culinary school and was working at various restaurants in Birmingham, but when the space in Orange Beach was becoming available, she asked him to come down and work with her. “He makes everything from scratch,” Reid said. “The key to it is Asian steamed buns. There aren’t that many places that serve these.”

White Chocolate Bread Pudding is the restaurants specialty dessert. It may have a limited menu, but everything is homemade, fresh and nothing is fried. They also carry 15 craft beers most from Alabama breweries. “We’re trying to be different than the typical beach place,” Reid said. “We are family oriented and casual. Just a friendly atmosphere where you can come and relax.” Buns in the Sun is located at 3099 Loop Rd. in Orange Beach.


Janet Baker


“Come See Us, We’ll Get You Hooked Up”

When Janet Baker opened her business in May 2017 it was because she was having difficulties in Baldwin County finding a physician who practiced integrated medicine. Because of the challenges that  she had, it was difficult finding a physician who would listen to her.

“I thought the IV concept would grab peoples attention,” Baker said. “Quick help, bypass the gut and get nutrition directly into cell to make people feel better fast and in the meantime, nutritional deficiencies and any other things we might be able to correct naturally. “

enrG-IV offers IV therapy, Myers cocktails, weight loss injections, amino acids, weight loss programs to help clear the gut and detox and functional medicine, which looking at root causes of your problem instead of offering medication. They also have an oxygen bar with aroma therapy. Sit down and relax and breath in good clean air. Baker would like to open more locations in the future and has been approached by several people to expand. She also has a location at Baldwin OBGYN in Foley. enrG-IV is located at 3099 Loop Rd #4 in Orange Beach.